At this very moment, bold programmers are working diligently to create a semantic web. This goal involves improving the overall intelligence of some of the programs that shape the online experience. Recent advances in technology have produced wonderful new applications for popular forms of structured data.

For example, Google search results recently began to recognize RDFa rich snippets pany intends to engage in search engine marketing, it is important to understand the many potential applications of technologies like RDFa rich snippets, microdata, and microformats.

Streamlining the Communication Between Your Site and Web Crawlers

Search engines develop proprietary web crawlers to analyze the content on various websites. In addition to basic search engine optimization techniques, you can improve your web traffic by including structured data in your site's design.

For example, some professionals take advantage of RDFa rich snippets to place their contact information in the annotations beneath their listings in search engines. Companies often use this technology to list events, locations, or user reviews.

While these initiatives are ultimately under the authority of search engine providers, SEO experts can exercise some control over their clients' listings by gaining a rich understanding of the RDFa standard.

Why Would Someone Want to Modify Search Engine Listings?

Without technologies like RDFa rich snippets structured data, search engines are unable to determine the differences between various pieces of unstructured content. As a result, many search engine listings contain additional lines of incoherent text.

Web searchers are less likely to click on unattractive and confusing links. For this reason, every website should be designed with respect for the importance of RDFa rich snippets. Google has already released algorithms that support various types of structured data.

The Semantic Web and Search Engine Optimisation

The primary goal of search engine optimization is to create a relationship between a particular website and search engine algorithms. Since web crawlers can easily read structured data, there are many ways in which businesses can benefit from the use of technologies like RDFa rich snippets and microdata.

If you are interested in improving the credibility and usefulness of your listings in search engines, consider speaking with a search engine optimisation consultant that specializes in these types of semantic web applications.